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Stress, worry and  mood changes are very common and is something most people experience during their lives. At Feeling Healthy we aim to provide you with strategies to help you feel calmer, more positive and in control. This may include nutritional, dietary and lifestyle changes.

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Weight Loss

Many people struggle to lose weight even though they are doing all the right things. At Feeling Healthy we not only look at dietary and lifestyle factors that may be effecting your ability to lose weight, but also underlying causes such as hormone imbalances, stress and other health issues


Andropause or male menopause is just androgen (testosterone) deficiency. This takes place from the 40’s onwards (occasionally earlier) and it redefines many of the characteristics that we associate with a healthy, virile male. Declining testosterone levels affect a man’s stamina and endurance, memory, muscle mass, fat mass, mental health, libido and overall sense of motivation, confidence and drive. Feeling Healthy can help to limit these issues using natural medicine and lifestyle advice

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The Naturopathic approach to hayfever is to create the right ‘terrain’ in your gut so that you can withstand seasonal allergies. You will learn how your immune system is over reacting to pollen and how to dampen down this immune response. You will discover ways to tweak your diet and lifestyle so that you are much less likely to experience it in the future.

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Quit Smoking

Whether you want to quit smoking for your health, your children or your bank balance we have a range of programs available to support you. Our programs are proven to work and can include clinical hypnosis, dietary advice and homeopathic supplements.

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Sleep is essential for healthy brain function, emotional stability and physical health. Almost everyone will experience insomnia at some stage in their life and can range from a few nights to months or even years. At Feeling Healthy we not only will help you to regain sleep levels as quickly as possible, we will also help to identify and treat the underlying cause for insomnia

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Immune Support

At Feeling Healthy we work holistically to improve your health and immunity levels.

Gut Health
Gut Health
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