Dealing with insomnia

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I have struggled with insomnia on and off for around four years, but the last 12 months have been the worst. I have tried everything, and I mean everything. Valerian in tea form, Valerian in capsule form, passionflower tea, chamomile tea, sleepy tea, every tea rumoured to help. I tried homeopathic melatonin, diet alterations, meditation, relaxation, every mindfulness CD or app ever made. Nothing natural worked long-term. The only thing that worked for me was Tamazepam. I hated relying on prescription medication, especially one with harmful side effects, but it was my only guarantee of sleep and I have three young children to care for.

Two weeks ago I start taking a low dose of GABA an hour before bed. Not only have I slept every one of those fourteen nights, I have fallen asleep in under half an hour each time. I have also been able to fall back asleep after getting up to the children during the night. Even during periods of anxiety, it has still been effective. I am relieved to finally have something that works, that is not harmful or addictive.

Tanya Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) June 27, 2016