Fear of flying gone

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April 26, 2016
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April 26, 2016
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I had a real fear of flying.  The strange thing was the more I flew the worse I got.  The thought of a plane, or going to the airport to pick someone up, even the sound of a plane going over whilst hanging out the washing, was enough to make my stomach tie up in knots and bring on a sick, churning feeling.  I hadn’t even had a “bad” plane experience.  No rough trips or problems with my ears, nothing at all. It was just there.

It was something I had for years and could never control it myself no matter what I tried.  I imagined that I was just travelling in a car or bus but I always felt that “nothingness” underneath me.  The different sounds that the engines make, the clink of the wheels going up or down, the creaking of the plane’s interior, the general noise inside the plane. It was just everything and I found it very unnerving.  Then, my husband was re-located to Auckland with his work so I had to make several trips across the Tasman.  I needed help.

I had seen Rosanna Mosca previously for a couple of Thought Field Therapy sessions relating to another issue and had great results so I put my faith in her once again.

I can’t believe how successful my TFT session was.  Something that is so simple, quick and painless has given me a new found freedom.  The outcome was amazing.

The sick feeling and the churning in my stomach just began easing bit by bit with each sequence Rosanna did.  I am now flying regularly to Auckland without even a hint of anxiousness, and I might add, I am on the plane on my own.  I could never ever have done that.

It is like a huge weight has been lifted off me and I cannot explain the feeling of calm and sense of achievement that I have.  I am really proud of myself, but to be honest, I owe it all to Rosanna and TFT.

Margaret Holmes April 26, 2016