Hypnobirthing Testimonial

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February 23, 2018
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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me prepare for my pregnancy, throughout my pregnancy and with the birth of my beautiful heathy baby boy. I believe it has made a huge difference in my life and would highly recommend your services to my friends and family.

Shortly after completing a detox that you recommended and guided me through, I fell pregnant. Not only did I feel healthy, but I knew that my baby would have a great start to his life before and after birth.

I needed to take care of developing baby and I throughout my pregnancy and you helped me along the way. All I ever wanted was to have a natural drug free birth. This led me to hypnobirthing which you helped me with and thoroughly enjoyed our one on one sessions. The techniques that you taught me, from deep breathing, hypnosis, helping me feel relaxed and releasing all those fears was something I never imagined was possible.

The breathing technique during our sessions is what helped me the most along with the hypnobirthing music. I kept reminding myself that I’m what I’m feeling is pressure and thought back to our sessions and what we did to help me along. I distinctively remember my OB and midwife saying “It’s so calm in this room and the words that you’re listening to is beautiful”. I was amazed at how open and supportive they were with my hypnobirthing wishes throughout the whole labour.

I was internally examined between 12am-1am on Saturday which was 18hrs after labouring. My fill in OB advised that I was 2cms dilated and recommended to artificially break my waters and start the oxytocin drip due to no progress. Baby and I were being continually monitored on the ECG due to no major movements and was given fluid through an IVF to help hydrate me and help baby’s movements increase. I was determined to go through until early morning without my waters being broken and no oxytocin which my OB granted. Throughout the night everything remained stable although there was no progress and my OB returned at 7:30-8am on Saturday and did an internal examination which showed that I had only dilated an extra cm so we then proceeded to artificially breaking my waters and started the oxytocin drip at 9am. I was able to get through this until 12pm due to the augmentation and then opted for some pain relief along with the TENS machine.

I’m grateful I did hypnobirthing because it helped me through 30hrs of 32hrs of labour which then resulted in an emergency cesarean due to baby being obstruct and I also had a high temperature. Although this was not what I planned, I was able to use my hypnobirthing techniques throughout my cesarean and knew that what needed to happen was for the safety of my baby and I.

Rosanna, a BIG THANK YOU for helping me and definitely recommend you to my family and friends.

Many thanks


August 2017

Nella February 26, 2018