Needle Phobia Gone

From 2km to 15km
April 26, 2016
Depression Gone
April 26, 2016
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To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to not only recommend the amazing work of Rosanna Mosca, but to thank her for changing my life.

I have had a medical/needle phobia for nearly all of my life (as far back as I can remember). The phobia was to the point where vaccinations at school led to me either running away, fainting or being forcefully dragged by two or more teachers to receive the needle. In later years when decisions were in my own hands, I point blank, refused to have any needles, blood tests etc. I have travelled the world without vaccinations, received dental fillings without any pain relief, and run out of many doctors’ surgeries! etc

It was only during pregnancy, (which I had put off for as long as I thought possible due to this phobia), that I knew I had to do something as at least two blood tests are required during this time, and as it was no longer just my health, but the health of my unborn baby that was at risk. Rosanna’s name was suggested to me and so off I went for an appointment. After just one session of thought field therapy with Rosanna, I headed to have a blood test. I was so used to having the feeling of fear eat me up before something like this, that I wasn’t sure how to feel. I actually slept the night before ( a first!) and then had to wait for almost half an hour in the waiting room, a notion that would have made me fill with dread and most likely leave in the past, but I had a calmness that had never occurred before. I must say, I still wasn’t the bravest of recipients, but it was a totally new experience for me to accept that this is what was happening and that I could deal with it.

As it happens, my pregnancy had its complications, the most significant for me being that I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This involves four blood sugar tests per day and one insulin injection every day!!!! What a big test for the work I had done with Rosanna! We have also dealt with birthing issues and baby bonding issues and as the day approaches, I am feeling happy and comfortable with what I am about to undertake.

Through the work I have done with Rosanna, this has all been achievable to the amazement of family, friends and doctors who know me. What a traumatic time this would have been for both myself and my unborn baby, if I had not had the opportunity to be on the receiving end of Rosanna’s kindness, guidance, understanding and knowledge of her field. Thanks Rosanna.

Kind regards,

Annette S, SA April 26, 2016