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April 26, 2016
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April 26, 2016
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Dear Rosanna,

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in your Thought Field Therapy workshops.

I have suffered from panic attacks for 30 years and although over the years I learnt to manage the attacks by avoiding situations which trigger them and by adjusting my lifestyle to minimize stress and anxiety, I also learnt that panic and anxiety are unpredictable and can strike at any time. Nevertheless, I tired my best to control them as best I could. However, as opportunities for leadership came my way, it became increasingly difficult to use my usual avoidance tactics and I realized that I needed to face my fears.

My greatest fear was public speaking. Any time I had to read or speak in front of peers I would have one or multiple panic attacks: heart racing; sweaty palms; shortness of breath; wanting to escape and feeling totally out of control and terrified.

Desperate to address the problem, I went to a hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapy worked for a while and then, one day, while I was speaking in public, I experienced an enormous attack and felt totally shattered. My self-respect plummeted and the cycle of avoidance began again. My confidence was at an all time low. After a few months my determination to find something to help me re-emerged and my search led me to Thought Field Therapy. I bought a book, did some reading and research and then I heard about Rosanna’s course and decided to give it a shot. It sounded like a miracle cure, too good to be true but desperate and determined I decided to give it a go.

A week after completing the course I broke my addiction to coffee; something I didn’t think was at all possible. I didn’t really need as much will power as I thought because the tapping takes care of that. I even used the tapping to lessen the debilitating headaches I experienced from caffeine withdrawal.
Not long after the course, I had to read in front of an assembly full of students (600) and teachers. Prior to the assembly, I practiced collarbone breathing, selected an appropriate algorithm and practiced it. Feeling a little nervous, I stepped on stage and called for quiet. As soon as I read my first word I felt a surge of confidence and power soar through my veins and I knew that the tapping had worked.

About one month later, I was asked to present a new document to the staff (about 60 teachers). I knew that this was going to be a big test as this was my biggest nightmare. However, I knew I had a skill at my finger tips and this was going to show me whether Thought Field Therapy really worked to alleviate public speaking anxiety. I did my collarbone breathing, tapped during the day and prior to the meeting. I had butterflies in my stomach, felt nervous and apprehensive but no panic attack. When I got up to speak I was feeling a little anxious but as soon as I began to speak I felt a surge of confidence and I presented the new document articulately, clearly and confidently. I felt great and self-respect returned. This was a huge confidence boost.

My latest test came a week ago when I decided to apply for a job and got an interview. Having to address a group of high profile people about my skills and answer a series of unseen questions was panic attack territory. I used a combination of collarbone breathing and the anxiety algorithm the night before the interview. The next day, I had a fairly busy schedule before the interview but I had about half an hour to compose myself and do some collarbone breathing exercises.

I breezed through the interview without a panic attack in sight.

Since doing the course with Rosanna my confidence has soured, I take more risks, and avoid less. I feel I have a control mechanism literally at my fingertips which I can use when the need arises. Thought Field Therapy is an amazing technique which works whether you believe in it or not. Anyone can literally tap themselves to mental health. Thank you Rosanna for your expertise and direction in this wonderful therapy.

Concetta Sossi April 26, 2016