5 Reasons why seeing a Naturopath could be the best thing you’ll do all year

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Naturopathy utilises the body’s inherent ability to heal itself whilst incorporating nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and dietary analysis and advice in order to treat many health conditions.

Here are 5 reasons why booking in to see a Naturopath will be the best first step you take in starting your health journey!

1. Does this sound familiar….you’ve been feeling rundown and under par without knowing what to do about it. Trips to the GP and medications have created short term improvements followed by low energy and feeling like you’re back to square one. You can’t quite seem to put your finger on just why you’re continually feeling like crap. You know that something just not right. Surely, there must be a way feel normal again.

Most people who attend Naturopathic clinics are searching for answers. They want to know how they can get well and stay well. They’re tired of the endless ‘sick care’ and they want to take a preventative approach so that they can experience ‘health care’.  Naturopaths address your presenting problem by resolving the underlying issues rather than just treating the symptoms and then work to educate and empower their clients so that they can regain control over their health and their lives.

2. You have been on a medication for years and have put up with the side-effects. But now you’re wondering if there is something you can do to keep your health condition under control and to feel better overall.

Naturopaths are complimentary healthcare providers. They understand that combining the best of western and natural medicine creates the best outcome for their clients. In instances where medications are absolutely necessary, a Naturopath will suggest treatments to work alongside your existing medications while minimizing side effects and improving your quality of life.

In other instances, it may be possible to create a natural treatment plan in lieu of your medication provided that it is safe to do so. Co-prescribing treatments can be done until a client reaches the point where they can cross over to a natural alternative. This is usually done with the involvement of your GP.

3. You think you have a healthy diet but certain foods make you feel unwell. You are finding it hard to pinpoint specific foods or food groups that are causing the trouble. You’ve heard about gluten free, lactose free, dairy free, sugar free but you are totally confused about where to begin. Do you see a dietician or a nutritionist? Do you need testing?

In these kinds of instances seeing a Naturopath can be very rewarding. Naturopaths spend a considerable amount of their day talking to their clients about food. They will ask you about your diet and a typical day’s eating (ie breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, etc.). Your Naturopath will then marry this information with your symptoms (ie bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gas, etc.) and will make dietary suggestions for you. If you need further testing they can assist you with organizing tests at various integrative pathology labs.

4. Lately, your hormones are running your life. From erratic periods to trouble conceiving and experiencing perimenopause and menopause, life just isn’t the same. You know that you feel unbalanced and you want to regain a sense of calm and confidence.

Managing hormonal conditions is an area that Naturopaths know very well. Whether it’s rebalancing hormones or boosting hormones that are deficient, nature has a way of taking care of it. By making dietary, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations Naturopaths can bring your body back into balance and help you to achieve more control in your life.

5.  You’ve decided that this is the year to make a change. You’re ready to create a whole new you. You’ve got your exercise regime sorted, you take a regular yoga class and you try to practice mindfulness to get your stress levels under control…but something’s missing. Despite all these interventions you are still stressed, anxious or depressed!

Not to worry your friendly Naturopath has this covered too. Mental health concerns are a high priority for natural health care providers. There are so many ways to assist these clients. A client’s diet alone, is a significant source of mood altering substances. Knowing which foods improve feelings of calm and happiness and which foods create anxiety and depression can be a major revelation for many people.

Article by Merril Bowater – Naturopathic Nutritionalist

Uncovering the underlying causes of these mental health concerns can do wonders for alleviating these unwanted moods. Once a client understands what is causing these changes in mood they can take steps to create their healthiest life.

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