Get Out Of The Tired Slump!

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December 14, 2019
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February 29, 2020

Are you constantly feeling run down, tired… in a slump? Yeah, we’ve all been there. We all know, at one point in our lives we’re constantly in this tired cycle and it takes a toll on many aspects in our lives; work, mental and physical health, and our overall lifestyle. 

Let’s dive into why you’re feeling tired and the solution to combat it. 

Poor Sleep:

It’s not surprising that when you lack sleep you feel tired. Whenever you feel tired the first thing you should think about is, how many hours of sleep did you get last night? It’s recommended your body needs seven to eight hours to be able to fully reset, recharge and take on a new day. If you’re struggling to stay asleep then some helpful tips for you to catch some extra zzz’s is, limit your caffeine consumption before bed (including chocolate), and avoid stimulating activity (exercising, using your phone or laptop).


We can all be guilty of dehydration as we often forget to drink the recommended amount (8 glasses a day), and being dehydrated is a common culprit for why you’re feeling tired or fatigued. However, dehydration can also be due to fluid loss (from exercise or hot weather). So, when you know you haven’t drank the recommended amount, or you know you’ll be engaged in fluid loss, then guzzle down a glass or two of water immediately and start building the habit of drinking water throughout the day.


Stress can play a toll on all aspects of our health, mentally and physically. However, chronic stress caused by various factors in your life (finances, relationship, work, health issues, etc) can all negatively affect your energy levels and ultimately lead you to get stuck in this constant tired cycle. Stress management can be done through simple activities such as meditation, exercise, taking time out for self-care (massage, reading a book, listening to a podcast, etc). Or, stress can also be managed by seeing a counselor.  

Low magnesium, iodine and B vitamins:

Did you know, magnesium, iodine and B vitamins create energy in your body? A lack of these energy-boosting nutrients in your everyday lifestyle and diet can definitely be a reason for your low energy levels. Although supplements are available to boost your energy-producing nutrient levels within your body, it’s always recommended to get as much of your nutrients (not just these!) from whole foods such as fish, whole grains, nuts, and dark green, leafy vegetables. 

Mental health issues:

An uncommonly thought of reasoning behind your low energy levels and why you’re constantly feeling tired is your mental health. Every individual’s mental health is at different stages and each body reacts differently. Common symptoms for when you’re mental health isn’t so great, include; poor appetite, constant frustration and even fatigue. If your mental health is affecting your energy levels then it’s highly recommended you seek support from somebody you’re comfortable with (friends and family, qualified healthcare practitioners). 


Feeling tired, fatigue and being in a constant slump can be simply due to the reasons listed above or it may be more complex and requires further investigation. If you are still experiencing ongoing fatigue or you want to boost your energy levels even further, speak to a naturopath from Feeling Healthy. Our experienced practitioners can help you feeling your buzzing self and help you be the healthiest version of you!

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