Happy, Healthy, Festive Gut!

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The festive season is a great time of the year, however it may not be so festive for your gut. The holidays are here, and we all tend to overindulge in all things yummy and sometimes not very nutritious food. Unfortunately, we may he happy and festive on the outside, your gut on the inside is not.


Below are our tips on how to maintain a happy and healthy gut throughout the festive season!

1. Listen to your body!

There’s nothing more satisfying than a beautiful Christmas feast. However, as tasty as the feast is, you do not need to eat everything in sight! During the festive season, it’s highly recommended to listen to your body and being aware of when you’re full and satisfied. This is very different from feeling stuffed to the brim! The festive season stretches out more than one Christmas feast, so why not pace yourself?

2. Treat your gut to some prebiotics and probiotics.

Prebiotics and probiotics are naturally found in food and they have an abundance of great benefits for your gut! Prebiotics can be found in fibrous fruit, vegetables and whole grains, such as bananas, watermelon and oats. Probiotic can be found in fermented foods such as kimchi, yogurt, tempeh and kombucha.

3. Get moving!

When you’re indulging in large amounts of food it’s quite easy to just laze around on the couch with your loved ones until your next meal. However, why not support your digestion after a big meal and go out for a walk with everyone? The perks of Christmas down under is we’re fortunate enough to have beautiful sunshine over the festive season. Whether you’re moving with a light walk, or a more intense gym work out, either way it’ll help your gut digest all the yummy food.

4. Catch some Zzzz’s.

Commonly people get quite burnt out over the festive season. It’s very easy to sacrifice a few hours of precious shut eye to go pick up some last minute Christmas gift, or dashfrom one festive celebration to another (and eating copious amount of delicious food). Not only will prioritising rest and sleep help with your gut but it’ll do wonders in helping with your energy levels. Feeling more rejuvenated and energise will allow you to enjoy the festive season better, and definitely not in a run down, stressed state!


There you have it! Feeling Healthy’s four tips to get your gut through the festive season, and to be happy inside and out!

If you have more queries or require further assistance on gut health then speak to one of our experienced Naturopaths today or in the new year! Kick off the new year with a happy, healthy gut!

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