Is The Food You’re Consuming The Reason For Your Migraines?

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May 25, 2019
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Migraines, a condition that many around the world suffer from both on occasion and frequently. They are not just simply a headache, they are a debilitating combination of symptoms that more often than not include excruciating head pain. They can last for days and can appear in clusters, making it difficult for sufferers to see the light at the end of the tunnel (literally). Often migraines will appear on one side of the head with other symptoms such as aura (sensory disturbances- blotchy vision, tingling, numbness) also running down a specific side of the body. Associated symptoms include light & sound sensitivity, nausea, aura and numbness.

There are various known triggers for migraines including hormonal changes (menstruation), high or low blood sugar, too much or too little sleep, stress and excessive exposure to heat, light and chemicals, however one of the main triggers, that can often go unnoticed, is specific foods in your diet. So what foods commonly trigger migraines:

  • Food additives: MSG, aspartame (diet drinks), nitrates (processed meats), sulphites (red wine) and yeast extract (canned soup)
  • Alcohol (red wine, beer, hard liquors)
  • Caffeine containing products (coffee, black tea, energy drinks)*
  • Dairy products (cheese, milk, sour cream, chocolate, yogurt etc)
  • Aged, smoked, fermented, pickled or salted meats or fish
  • Beans, nuts and soy (fava or lima, nut butters and tofu)
  • Some vegetables & fruits (onions, tomatoes, dried fruits)

Additionally, food cravings can be a warning sign for migraines. As many of you who experience migraines will have noticed you experience warning signs/symptoms, this is one to look out for and note whether you can make a connection.

The above list is not the be all and end all but they are common dietary triggers and if you notice a correlation between the food and the onset of a migraine the best way to avoid an attack is to avoid the food all together.

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