Three Qualities To Improve On To Improve Your Life

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There are many qualities that make up a good person. Compassion, honesty, discipline and many others. But there three qualities everyone should try to improve on as it can be applied to all aspects of your life, not just you as a person.



Without patience you will not be able to stick through to see the desired results of whatever your goal is.
If your desired goal is to lose weight, you are not going to see results after just one gym session; it is a slow process that could take months, sometimes years to reach your desired weight. The same applies when starting up a new business. Most businesses don’t start making large profit until after the 3 year mark, however a lot of people give up before that and never get to see their business flourish. Nothing happens overnight in life, that is why patience is key. And when something takes a while you know it’s going to be worth it!


How do you deal with adversity? Are you able to push through failure and keep trying? This is what sets successful people apart from the rest. Successful people see failure as a lesson. They’re able to find a solution rather than focus on the problem. Having a positive mindset allows you to pick yourself up and keep going. So not giving up and staying persistent with every blockage your life throws at you will definitely benefit you in the long run. Like a rainbow after the rain, there’s always good things to happen after the pain or the bad days.


Consistency is something everyone struggles with. You start off strong, sticking to your routine or sticking to positive thoughts but it takes just one little bump along the road for you let go of all your efforts. To live your life to the fullest you need to understand that everything takes time and effort, nothing will happen at just the snap of the finger.  To become a professional or expert in your field you need repetition. Not monthly, not weekly but constant daily effort. A professional soccer player does not make it to the top by playing soccer on the weekends with his friends. They need coaching, training and daily practice in order to develop their skills and confidence. The same applies when losing weight; exercising frequently and eating healthy meals consistently is the key to achieving results.


These three qualities you can use in all aspects of your life; career, relationships, and even your mental and physical health. When you’re trying to make a change in your life or just want to live the best possible life, keep these three qualities in mind and try to incorporate it in everything you do.

When it comes to treating yourself with a Massage, Reiki, Naturopathy or any wellness session it is important to be patient, persistent and consistent with your visits. Although you may feel great after one treatment, to achieve long-lasting results you may need long-lasting treatments. Or perhaps you don’t feel much of a change after one visit, then you must remain patience, keep persistent and stay consistent with your treatment to ensure your desired health goals are achieved.


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Donna Bartolo

Reiki & Massage Therapist

Donna is a qualified Massage and Reiki Practitioner with the passion to help inspire people to reach their highest potential and live their true purpose in life. Donna’s mission is to give guidance, advice and healing in order to get people back on the right track, bring clarity and balance back into their lives so they can live to their highest good as well as feeling happier and healthier.