Winter Essential Wellness at Feeling Healthy!

Essential Oil Bliss Balls!
July 6, 2017
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July 25, 2017

Feeling Healthy and Sensory Empowerment teamed up to host a Winter Essential Wellness night here at the clinic on Tuesday 27th of June!

The night was such a great success we’re going to be hosting another night! Just sign up to our newsletter (below) and be the first to know about our next Essential Wellness night. Keep reading to find out more about what happened at our first Essential Wellness night.

Attendees started coming in through the door just before 7PM and they all received a hot cup of herbal tea and a bliss ball upon arrival.

The bliss balls were made by Sarah from Sensory Empowerment and everyone loved them so much she decided to share the recipe, just click here for it. Senior Naturopath, Rosanna tried out the recipe herself and the Feeling Healthy Team went crazy over them!

The Sensory Empowerment team (Sarah and Carey) began explaining what is Essential Oils and how using DoTerra’s Pure Essential Oils can benefit client’s health this winter. All attendees went on a sensory journey where they indulged their senses on various beautiful smelling oils and explored the numerous benefits of each oil.

Attendees discovered using DoTerra’s Pure Essential Oils can:

  • Support their immunity with Frankincense oil
  • Calm stomach and head tensions with Peppermint oil
  • Support a healthy metabolism with a metabolic oil blend
  • Nourish the lungs and sinuses with a pure oil blend
  • And so much more!!

There was also a door prize for two lucky winners to win. Congratulations to Willie and Zeyneb who won some amazing DoTerra products!

Here are also some snaps from the night! Keep your eyes peeled for our next night, we look forward to sharing you more ways pure Essential Oils can benefit your health this winter.

Have a question about essential oils? Or do you just want to find out more information on DoTerra’s Pure Essential Oils? Send Sarah an email at sensory.empowerment@gmail.com and she can help you out.