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September 14, 2018
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September 24, 2018

Picture this….you’ve just been to the GP and you blood test results show high cholesterol, high blood glucose levels and borderline high blood pressure.

It was made it clear that you really should lose some weight and that without prescription drugs you are at risk of a heart attack or stroke and type II diabetes in the near future.

What to do!

Mortified by the onslaught of major disease you walk away with a prescription for a cholesterol lowering drug (the most commonly prescribed class of drug in Australia) and a blood pressure lowering drug (you will probably end up on 2 of these as they seldom work well on their own) and a drug to lower your blood sugar levels. There all fixed!

This constellation of symptoms gives rise to a condition known as Metabolic Syndrome X all caused by insulin resistance. Addressing all of the main drivers of disease is considered best practice in the medical community.

So you diligently begin taking all of your prescribed medicines and overtime your blood test results show some improvement. However, you start to wonder if making some dietary adjustments will help you to lose weight and then maybe you can reduce or eliminate some of the drugs you’re taking….because the side-effects are not really what you signed up for.

Your GP refers you to a Dietician who’s covered by Medicare to help with getting your weight under control. They help you to understand more about foods and the way they interact with your body. They may even give you a standard meal plan for Type II Diabetes to follow or send you off to a Diabetes Educator.

Every practitioner here is doing their very best to help you get your health back on track. But you still wonder if there is more that you can do to help yourself. If there is any other way to treat these conditions without the need for drugs and to reduce weight and boost energy at the same time.

In comes a Naturopathic Nutritionist…

To get to the crux of this patient’s dilemma you need to understand that as a Naturopathic Nutritionist, they will view your diet, health concerns and medications in a very different way to any other health professional that you’ll see.

A Naturopathic Nutritionist be looking for nutritional deficiencies that may arise from the drugs that you are taking and genetic issues that mean that you need extra nutrients to prevent health conditions just like this. They will also assess your diet to check for foods/drinks that may be exacerbating your condition and work with your to reduce or eliminate them. Additionally, they will also make dietary suggestions tailored specifically to you and your general wellbeing.

The Naturopathic Nutritionist can think of several nutrients that are crucial for the prevention and treatment of this condition mentioned above and they are seldom ever discussed in a medical setting (ie. when visiting your GP). (That’s because it’s not a part of a medical treatment plan.)


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