Fruit & Veg: When to Eat What?

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July 27, 2019
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August 26, 2019

As technology improves and genetic modification of produce unfortunately becomes more popular it is easy to find all types of fruit and veg all year round, but as I’m sure you all know, fruit and veg naturally grow seasonally. Although having most fruits and vegetables available whenever we want them is a massive convenience, especially for our fussy eaters, there are great benefits to eating with the seasons. What are these benefits you say?


1) Nutrition

When produce is in season, there is generally an abundance of it, as this is the peak time for growth. Not only is there an abundance but the produce is picked at its most ripest allowing for the fruit or vegetables true nutrition profile to be present, therefore allowing consumers to obtain optimal nutrient value from the produce when eating. This means your meals will be extra nutritious which then allows for improved overall health and healing.


2) Flavour

Not only are seasonal produce packed full of nutrients, they are also full of flavour! This is because the produce is at its ripest when picked due to being grown in the right conditions. This also benefits the experience of eating as it involves all our senses, making eating a more fulfilled experience.


3) Natural Cycles

Just like nature our body goes through natural cycles (eg: sleep, menstruation) Eating with the cycles of nature correlates with the natural cycles of humans. This can help you to stay grounded and connected to your body and nature throughout the year.


4) Environment

With the current state of the planet it is now super important to be aware of how we are affecting it and how we can help to prevent further damage. As seasonal produce is generally grown and sourced locally, the carbon emissions required for transport are minimal. Also as the produce is growing in it’s optimal growth period, less technology is required to help growth as the environment is creating naturally providing the best growing conditions possible for the produce.


So I guess now the question is what do I eat and when?? Here are a couple of websites which have helpful seasonal produce guides:



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