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At Feeling Healthy our caring and experienced massage therapists provide effective, safe and tailored treatments to help you relax and improve your health and wellbeing. All our massage therapists are fully qualified and experienced to give you a massage that will provide you relief from any physical symptoms you may be experiencing, relaxation and promote your overall health and wellbeing

Before the massage

You can book an appointment with us either by phone or online and you will receive a text message the day before to remind you of your appointment date and time

In the days before your massage, drink plenty of water.

Try not to  eat just before your massage as massage stimulates digestion although don’t starve yourself as you may end up feeling light headed during the massage

Give yourself enough time to arrive on time and relaxed. If you are rushing and arrive stressed, it will take longer to get into a relaxed state.

Health History

At your first appointment with Feeling Healthy you will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire which asks you for your personal details for our records as well as your medical history, details of any presenting condition and medication taken


Before the massage our therapist spends a few minutes asking you questions about your health and presenting condition. Because massage can affect multiple body systems, such as the cardiovascular and nervous systems, be honest with the massage therapist about your health. You should also let the therapist know about any pharmaceutical drugs or botanical medicines you are taking, because massage can enhance or reduce the effect of pharmaceutical drugs, such as blood pressure medication. Knowing your history allows a therapist to determine if there are any reasons you should avoid massage or a particular technique.

The massage therapist will ask you questions to better design a session that meets your needs and goals within the time allotted. Let the therapist know what areas of your body you would like worked on, if there are any areas to avoid, and if you have any techniques that you would like to use or avoid. If you are concerned about undressing, discuss it with the therapist, who should be able to offer you some options. Don’t be afraid to discuss any apprehensions or concerns. All information you give is confidential.

The therapist will outline what will happen in the session and then leave the room so you can undress to your comfort level.

When you are ready, lie down on the massage table and cover yourself with the towel

Our therapists will knock before re-entering, if you are not ready don’t be afraid to ask for a few more minuites

During the massage

Usually you will lie on a massage table, covered by a large towel. Depending on your situation a massage chair or pillows may be used for example if you are pregnant. Make sure you are comfortable and let the therapist know if you are not. Tell the therapist if you are cold, want to be covered, don’t want an area of your body touched, don’t like the music, or are experiencing discomfort with the technique or how it is being applied. Remember, you are in charge, and can ask for changes or stop the session at any time.

How to get the most from your massage

Be as open to the process as you can.

Relax and try let your thoughts go. One way to do this is to focus on how the touch or technique feels.

Remember to breathe, as this helps you relax. Sometimes people hold their breath when a sensitive area is massaged, but it is best to breathe through it.

In the same way, tightening your muscles during the massage is counterproductive. If you can’t seem to relax your muscles, let your massage therapist know. They may need to adjust the massage technique.

 After the massage

At the end of the massage, the therapist will leave the room so you can dress in private. Wait a few minutes on the table as you get grounded, especially if you feel light-headed. Then take your time getting ready.

When you leave the treatment room and enter into the reception area, your massage therapist will offer you a glass of water. It is a good idea to drink water to help the body flush waste products and continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

How you feel after the massage will vary based on the style of massage used, the length of the session, and the demands you place on your body afterward. Feelings range from being relaxed, renewed and centred, to invigorated, excited or experiencing a rush of clarity or new energy and insight or recognizing your true level of fatigue (particularly if you can be “off duty” for the rest of the day) and wanting only to rest.

Massage may leave the body free from chronic tightness or acute pain patterns, but may replace it with a mild soreness from the pressure applied. Your massage therapist may suggest some ways to relieve this.

Follow up massages

To truly get the benefit from massage your massage therapist may suggest a course of treatments at varying intervals. They will talk to you about this and work out a plan that works for you.

Your massage therapist may also give you some stretches to try at home and some recommendations on what to do in the days following your massage to allow your body to get the most out of your treatment for example a warm bath in apple cider vinegar and Epsom salt to draw out toxins

Are you ready to book your massage?

If you still have questions about getting a massage at Feeling Healthy then give us a ring on (03) 9687 5333 where our friendly receptionists will be able to help. Or if you are ready to book click here or call us on (03) 9687 5333

Testimonial from one of our happy clients

“Just wanted to say a big thank you

I booked in for a massage last night through your website, which was super easy and accessible. With not having been to Feeling Healthy before I was just after a massage to help relive my back pain. I got so much more. New techniques I have never had anyone use on me before that most certainly gave me movement I haven’t had in ages. I also had the best sleep last night which also hasn’t happened in ages and can only put it down to Edmore.

All I can say is see you two weeks!