Is a Massage a Luxury or Necessity?

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When people think of a massage they think of relaxing me time, as well as it being a luxury they can’t afford money wise or time wise. Did you know there are many other benefits of a massage to your body mentally and physically, which will help you out in the long term.

It’s important for clients to realise that regular massages is vital for their health and it’s more than just a luxury treat for themselves once or twice a year. If you’re somebody that regularly experiences physical pains such as sore muscles, joint pains, and even bad circulation (which can lead to body cramps), a massage will help and definitely be more than a little treat. A massage can help joint pains as it stimulates the body to produce natural lubricants to help relieve any stiffness caused by age, lack of use or even change in weather. Sore muscles is another common reason for clients to come in for a massage, as by receiving a massage it sets off a series of molecular events in the muscle that helps reverse discomfort caused by exercise.

However unknown to many a massage can also help with the mental side of health concerns. Apart from providing relaxation, a massage can create a stress free mind by increasing the body’s level of oxytocin and serotonin, it can also soothe targeted areas where anxiety symptoms may appear (shoulder, neck and back).

Other unknown benefits of a massage are the effects it has on your skin. A massage increases the blood flow and circulation, which can improve the skin tone and overall texture, giving the skin a healthy fresh look.

Lastly another benefit that’s important now as the weather begins to cool down is the benefits a massage have on your immunity. Massages not only increases serotonin levels but also cells that are viewed as the first line of defense in the immune system. Receiving a massage helps heighten the body’s immune response as it naturally reduces pain, decreases stress hormone levels, and even increases disease-fighting white blood count.

How amazing are all these benefits all from a simple massage? However coming in for one massage won’t reel in all these benefits. These benefits are only possible when you return for a massage on a regular basis. A massage can be viewed as a momentary luxury however it’s a life long necessity and investment with benefits that’ll help your body mentally and physically in years to come. It’s definitely a life long investment that requires little effort and feels good as well!

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