Staying Healthy in a Toxic Environment

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May 4, 2017
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May 26, 2017
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There’s no doubt that living or working in a thriving city such as Melbourne
is fantastic. But as with all cities, it comes at a cost to your health. Naturopath Yarraville

Every day we are exposed to pollution from trucks and buses not to mention
invisable exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation from our phones,
TV’s, computers, wi-fi, etc

But as bad as these things are, our internal environment is also a source
of toxins. Whether it be emotional or dietary our bodies are under constant

Which begs the question….how do we stay healthy while living in a toxic

In my mid-twenties I began working in the CBD in a high rise building on the
36th floor. It was a beautiful office with stunning views but there
was one big problem……I was constantly sick.

From colds to sinus infections and flus there was always something I was trying to shake.
My shoulder muscles were unbelievably tight and headaches were a common theme
for me.

It didn’t matter that I ate relatively well (or so I thought) and had a fantastic home
life, I just couldn’t keep from feeling rundown, stressed and sick.

At home I ate a variety of foods, plenty of vegies, I drank very
little alcohol and had never smoked. I even took a multi-vitamin every day.

Sure work was busy with deadlines and responsibilities and I had a two hour train
commute every day but surely my health wasn’t being affected by these things?
Or was it?

Looking back now, I wish someone had of recommended that I should go
to see a Naturopath.

Dietary and lifestyle suggestions would have improved my health
beyond belief.

It wasn’t until we decided to have a baby that I was given a book on Preconception
Care or how to get your body ready for a healthy pregnancy, that my health began
to improve. And yes we did conceive quickly and easily which may not have happened
without the information that I learned.

Today, I work as a Naturopath and regularly see versions of my former self in my clients.
Women who come to the clinic feeling tired, stressed and generally under par.

Prior to coming to see a Naturopath they were doing their best to improve their health with
bits of information from the TV, the internet, friends and family. They may also be eating ‘healthy diets’
based on this knowledge and exercising as well.

However, considering the environment that we live in, achieving optimum health is more complex
than just focusing on one or two things.

Seeing a Naturopath expands your awareness of all the contributing factors that lead
ill health.

So if you are frustrated and seemingly doing everything right, call today to discover the
missing ingredients that can change not only your health but also your life.

Call us now on 9687 5333 to book an appointment with Merril and find out how she can help you.

Merril Bowater is Feeling Healthy’s newest Naturopath Yarraville