Stretching & Exercising in Winter? Why should I?

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June 28, 2018
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July 31, 2018

Bright, warm sunshine makes moving around a lot easier. However despite the cold and gloomy weather it’s still important for your body to be up and moving. Rugging up during the cooler weather is one way to stay warm, but getting out and about is another.

Doing a quick winter warm up could be all you need to get your blood flowing, joints moving and even release the some tension in your muscle.


Hot or cold weather, stretching is always a great idea. Loosening up your body before you start your day can give you a boost in energy and even a spring in your step. In winter however more care must be taken when stretching as your muscles are tighter during the cold weather.

Start with a light walk or jog to warm up your body and have the blood flow through your muscles before you begin your stretches.

Dynamic stretches are great in winter and at the start of any exercises, as it activates and loosens up your muscles in preparation for your workout.  Dynamic stretches are continuous movements to stretch your muscle, allowing as much blood flow through your body as possible. This is the opposite of static stretches, which holds your muscle/joint in one place). As the cold weather tenses and tightens the muscles, dynamic stretches will help ease the muscle which will reduce the chances of muscle injuries.


There are an endless number of reasons why it is important to exercise in winter.

Something as simple as a brisk walk with your dog, or running around the back yard with your dog is enough to get your body moving and your body temperature rising. Naturally warming up your body by moving around will not only save your electricity bill but also a boost in your mood from the Vitamin D.

Squeezing in a work out can also help beat the winter blues. The weather does have an effect on our emotions and especially during the cooler months, we are more prone to feeling quite down.  When you exercise your body releases endorphins, which not only help reduce your perception of pain but also triggers a positive feeling in your body. In other words it can give your mind and body a positive boost emotionally!


Forget staying rugged up in bed this winter. Instead you should warm up your body, boost your mood and even start working towards that summer body!