Could you be suffering from Sub-Clinical Hypothyroidism?

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June 6, 2017
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Every day thousands of people receive their blood tests results and are
greeted with the wonderful news that their thyroid is perfect. Their TSH
(Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) levels are within range and no further
action needs to be taken.

TSH is frequently tested as a barometer of Thyroid health when people
present to their GP’s complaining of,

  • Fatigue (waking unrefreshed despite having a full night’s sleep)
  • Unexplained weight gain (despite exercising and eating well)
  • Dry skin
  • Hair dryness and hair loss
  • Memory and concentration problems, fuzzy thinking
  • Feeling cold
  • Constipation
  • Fluid Retention
  • Irregular/heavy menstrual periods
  • Infertility
  • Depression
  • Lack of motivation

However, TSH levels are only one part of the story. More detailed testing
includes T4 & T3 levels and various other specific tests.

In women, the TSH level can fluctuate quite substantially throughout the
menstrual cycle as it follows the rise and fall of Estrogen levels. For women it is essential that they take note of where they were at during their menstrual cycle, so this is taken into account when interpreting their results.


TSH levels on blood tests are also quite broad and many people suffer from the symptoms of an underactive thyroid when their TSH levels reach just 2.5. This is known as sub- clinical hypothyroidism. This is often an early warning sign that an underactive thyroid will develop in the future.

However, in this instance a patient will not be given thyroid medication as their levels are considered to be within the healthy range.

The thyroid is a sensitive organ. It is impacted by diet, lifestyle, infection and other hormones. When it is functioning under par everything in the body slows down and life without energy is very challenging.

There are receptors (docking sites) for thyroid hormones inside almost every cell of your body. These hormones change bodily functions by turning genes on and off. The brain, skin, heart and reproductive organs are all impacted by these actions. This leads to a huge array of symptoms

So what can you do if you suspect that your symptoms are sub-clinical?

At Feeling Healthy we take a broad holistic approach to your health. When we investigate thyroid health it is done in conjunction with a detailed account of your past and present health.

Then we use a combination of traditional and western medical approaches to test and treat any underlying concerns that are impacting the health of your thyroid.

The naturopathic approach is to look at the reasons behind your symptoms. By discussing your past and present health history, medications, stress, diets and lifestyle, a Naturopath can pinpoint areas where you need support and can make recommendations to help you to improve your overall health.

A Naturopath can also arrange for you to complete detailed thyroid tests and other tests to shed even more light on the underlying cause(s)

If you answer YES to 3 or more of the following you may have an underlying issue with your thyroid gland:

  • Joint pain, muscle aches and cramps
  • Waking throughout the night
  • 3pm energy slump
  • Heavy reliance on coffee, tea or cigarettes to boost energy
  • Sugar/carbohydrate cravings
  • Feeling irritable and depressed
  • Difficulty trying to conceive or maintain a pregnancy
  • No interest in sex
  • Weight gain around the middle
  • Poor memory
  • Poor concentration
  • Mental fogginess
  • Always feeling cold
  • Frequently constipated

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Blog written by Naturopath Merril Bowater