Should I see a Naturopath when I’m sick?

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Should I see a Naturopath when I’m feeling unwell with gastro, a cold or flu or just feeling generally bleurgh in this cold winter weather?

We get asked this question a lot at Feeling Healthy and the answer is a resounding YES, most definitely.

If anything seeing a Naturopath when your are unwell is the best thing you can do, they will be able to

  • Treat the symptoms of your illness,
  • Help you shorten the recovery period by helping to support your body to fight infection
  • Help you to boost the immune systems of your family to prevent them falling sick also
  • Help you to get your health back on track and prevent you becoming unwell again

At Feeling Healthy we understand that leaving the house when your feeling unwell is the last thing you want to do, so we are happy to do consultations via phone or Skype if necessary.

Clients are often worried that they will spread their germs and don’t want to pass them on to there Naturopath – at Feeling Healthy all our Naturopaths (and any one who works with them!) support their bodies and have amazing immune systems. If they do get ill (they are only human after all!) they know exactly what to do and will have themselves feeling better in no time.

Call us now to book and appointment and start supporting yours and your families bodies right away to prevent getting ill on 9687 5333